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Some separate workshops will be organised during the conference. This workshop is mainly for postgraduate research students.

Venue: To be stated in the conference programme

Registration: City Campus East - Business School

Registration fee: £10


Workshop 1.
Thin film photovoltaic solar cells
by Dr. Guillaume Zoppi

Synopsis: This is a 2hours workshop organised by Northumbria Photovoltaics Applications Center (NPAC). During the first part session Dr. Guillaume Zoppi will be presenting the key research highlights achieved over the last few years. Progresses on novel thin film copper based photovoltaic absorbers will be described and discussed in relation to current leading results. The discussion will focus on Cu(In,Al)Se2 and Cu2ZnZn(S,Se)4 solar absorbers and their potential for cheap electricity generation. After a short Q&A session, there will be opportunities to visit the research facilities of the group.

Northumbria University
School of Computing, Engineering and Information Sciences
Northumberland Road, Ellison Building,
NE1 8ST Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Tel. +44 191 (0) 243 7013
Email: guillaume.zoppi@northumbria.ac.uk

Workshop 2.
Hybrid and Electrical Vehicles, Now and Future
By Dr : Lotfi BAGHLI

Synopsis: The societal objective of transport must be achieved daily. Distance working solutions exists for many domains mainly in ICT (Information Communications Technology) but the human contact remains important in most points of view. Trading, attending school, holiday, shopping are activities that are transport energy consumers.
The workshop will starts from these needs and try to build the specifications of today transport. We will see that nowadays cars are not the best transport tool to achieve these specifications and that alternate solutions are more efficient in term of energy consumption and can be more comfortable. The electric train, the hybrid boat, the more electric aircraft and massively the hybrid and electric car are more appropriate. Even the electric bike and Segway-like are interesting solutions.
We will review the up to date technologies used in these systems and what are the limitations (technical, prejudice, lobbying) that put brakes in widely spreading these alternative transport solutions.
Among them, we will discuss about the permanent magnet synchronous motor versus the induction motor, voltage fed inverters, motor and drive faults, MEMS accelerometers, electrical energy storage (batteries Li-Ion, fuel cells), inertia wheels, regenerative braking, electrical continuous variable transmissions, magnetic gears, electromagnetic suspension, in-wheel motors, smart grids, energy sharing, vehicle fleet, car sharing...


Biography: Dr Lotfi BAGHLI is a lecturer at Université Aboubekr Belkaid, Tlemcen, in detachment from Nancy Université. His main research interests include motor control, HEV, naturally inspired optimization algorithms.
e-mail : Lotfi.Baghli@green.uhp-nancy.fr



Dr. Lotfi Baghli presentation :