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Main Topics

EFEA 2012 topics include (but are not limited to):

1. Policy: Renewable Energy Technology Roadmap; R&D; Finance; Supply Chain; Marketing
2. Low Energy Building and Architecture: Green Building; Bioclimatic Architecture; Comfort and Indoor Climates; New Materials; Smart HVAC systems
3. Advanced Power Systems: Distributed Energy Resources; Smart Grid; Micro-grid; Power Electronic Convertors
4. Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Electric Cars; Hybrid Engines; Regenerative Brake Systems; Power/Electric Transmission Systems; Battery Charge/Energy Management
5. Control: Smart Electrical Energy Metering; Fault Tolerated Control Systems; Demand/Power Control
6. Wind and Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems: Wind Turbine Aerodynamics and Structure; Wind Turbine Load and Power Control; On-grid and standalone Hybrid System; Power/Demand Management Systems; Resource Modelling
7. Solar Thermal and Geothermal: Solar thermal collectors; Solar desalination; Solar Heat Pump; Combined Heat and Power; Air-Conditioning; Geothermal Heat Pump; Geothermal Direct Use
8. Hydrogen & Fuel Cell: Fuel Cell Power Plants; Fuel Cell for Transportation; Hydrogen Production
9. Hydropower and Marine Energy: Micro & Pico Hydro System; Ocean Thermal Energy; Wave Energy; Tidal Energy
10. Energy Storage: High voltage batteries; Battery charge balancing and cooling; Charge/energy management; Ultrabatteries; Thermal, unconventional and Hybrid energy storage systems
11. Biomass: Biofuel; Biomaterials; Biomass Gasification; Biomass heating systems
12. Materials in Renewable Energy Technologies: Composite materials; Smart materials; Shape memory alloys
13. Education and Career: Higher education; Life-long learning; Prospects in green job opportunities; Continuing professional development