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    The Organising Committee would like to offer the opportunity to researchers to organise special sessions in their topics of interests.
    Please contact Prof. Krishna Busawon for further details.


    Current List of Special Sessions

    1) Technologies and Applications of Solar Cells
    Dr. Mahieddine Emziane - Associate Professor
    Solar Energy Materials and Devices Laboratory, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Masdar City, P.O. Box: 54224, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
    Email: memziane@masdar.ac.ae

    2) Wind and Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems
    Dr. Alireza Maheri
    Northumbria University, Faculty of Engineering and Environment, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
    Email: alireza.maheri@northumbria.ac.uk

    3) Environment Friendly and Energy Efficient Applications for Energy Management Systems (EnMS)
    Dr Aleksandar Nikolic
    Electrical Engineering Institute "Nikola Tesla", Department for Electrical Measurements, Koste Glavinica 8a, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
    Email: anikolic@ieent.org


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